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Professional Vocals for Bands & Events

For the past 15 years, Abi has been a dynamic presence in the music scene, showcasing her talents with various bands and artists. She is lead vocalist with Seduce Bands and the Vintage act Miss Kiddy and the Cads. Additionally, Abi works on a freelance basis, contributing her vocal prowess to a diverse range of musical projects, as lead and backing vocals in live performances and recorded music.

Abi navigates a wide musical spectrum effortlessly, moving from jazz and swing to pop, soul, and rock, and even delving into 'legit' musical theatre and classical genres when the occasion demands. Thanks to her extensive vocal training and study, Abi's voice exhibits remarkable flexibility, allowing her to interpret various styles masterfully. With a vast and diverse repertoire, she can summon an extensive range of music at a moment's notice.


Abi's versatile talent extends to providing backing vocals for renowned artists, including Ronan Keating, Joss Stone, Steve Harley (Cockney Rebels), and Bobby Davro.

Abi has graced stages worldwide, delivering captivating performances at notable venues like the Seven Seas Music Venue in Cyprus, for the Maclaren Formula 1 team during the British Grand Prix, and at BAFTA for the premiere of James Bond 'Casino Royale.' Her musical journey has even taken her to the pinnacle of a Swiss mountain, where she serenaded none other than Gorbachov!

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