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Live Vocalist & Session Singer, 
Voice Over Artist & Vocal Coach

Abi is a renowned voice, lending her talents to both sung and spoken sessions for TV and film. You can catch her singing the catchy theme tunes on CBeebies series like 'Do You Know?' and 'Maddie and Me.' Abi also sings in professional session choirs contributing her vocals to the captivating soundtracks of Hollywood films and TV shows.

Abi's diverse career extends beyond her vocal performances. She directs UK Soul Choirs, overseeing 14 branches in London and Kent, and conducts vocal workshops nationwide. In addition to her choir work, Abi serves as the Musical Director and Vocal Coach for cruise ship entertainment. Since 2021, she has held the position of Lead Vocal Tutor at the London School of Musical Theatre.

Abi has just returned from the seas on MSC Cruise ships in the Med and China, where she worked as the Musical Director and Voice Coach for the onboard entertainment shows.

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